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Market traders/Trailers

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  • LMJ MARKTWAGEN - Mobiele slagerij
  • 17%LBR-UKQ-00002
  •   2015
      24-07-2024, 14:35
chassis number YA9KR206014278003
certificat of registration no
certificate of conformity no
keuringsbewijs no
comments The cart is fully galvanized. It can carry 6 tons and has a useful load capacity of 1500 kg for meat products. The market cart can park remotely with a kind of joystick, which is equipped with a mover.
If you click on the icon next to the damage, you will get a picture of the damage.

car check
car check
additionalCar check not valid - vehicle can be inspected on site 
ATTENTION! Attribution of this lot only by approval of owner.
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