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How to register?

  • Click the top right Register.
  • Choose between business registration and private registration and follow the guidlines.
  • After that you can immediately login with your email address and your chosen password.
  • If you want a more detailed explanation go to: "How this site works."
  • Note!
  • - Free e-mail addresses are not accepted such as hotmail, gmail, ......
  • - Fill in the record all information accurately and completely. This registration also your billing details, these are unchangeable after allocation of a plot.

How can I make an offer?

  • You can only bid after you have registered. You can't offer on site or make an offer by email. Written bids will not be accepted. If you require information after registration on on how you can offer a lot, then click on "How this site works."

You can't offer, why?

  • Have you already been registered? If not. Please register.
  • Are you already logged in? If not. Please login.
  • You are registered as a private person and can not offer on certain lots. The legislation prohibits some materials to private persons. On these materials can only be offered if you are in possession of a valid VAT number.
  • You have not followed our sales conditions in the past. This implicates you are blacklisted and can't no longer participate in the bidding.

How works a fix offer?

  • When entering a fix offer you are immediately bound to your given offer, plus the listed costs and taxes.

How does a Proxy bid works?

  • With a "proxy" bid you can fill in the maximum amount you want to spend on this lot.
  • By acceptance of your "proxy" bid, the current bid is automatically increased to the next minimum bid and will be linked to your account.
  • Whenever there is now a counteroffer, the system will automatically bid in your place.
  • If the bidding stops before your "proxy" bid is reached, the system will indicate you as the highest bidder of the lot.
  • However, if the bidding passes your "proxy" bid, the system stops bidding in your place and indicates the account with at that time the highest bid as the highest bidder.
  • In the presence of 2 equal proxy bids, the bid entered by the first person will be assigned as highest bidder. If a on the same lot a "fix offer" and " a proxy bid" has been made for the same amount, the fix offer ALWAYS has priority.
  • A proxy bid is not visible to other bidders.

How does the button "Buy now" work?

With the button "Buy now" you can buy immediately a lot before the expiry date. The amount for which the lot can be bought, is mentioned as "Buy now". Caution! This amount is excl. VAT, costs and VAT on costs.

Can I buy under intra-community regime (without VAT) buying from another State?

  • You can indeed by under intra-community regime (Without VAT), buy from another Member State within the European Union under the following conditions:
  • 1) You must be holder of a valid VAT number, that must be checked for correctness of accuracy, correctness adress and manager of the company here in Belgium by the federal government.
  • 2) Your payment must be done from your country and from a bank account related to the name of your company abroad.
  • 3) The person who comes to collect the object must have a copy of your identity card.
  • 4) When collecting you must bring along a valid and completed CMR document (transport document) left behind.
  • Only under these 4 conditions, you can be trade under intra-Community regime and we allow that VAT should not be paid.

Do I have warranty on the lots I bought?

  • All goods sold by this website are sold in the state they are, and known by the buyer.
  • The information communicated by us is purely informative and not binding.
  • You have during the inspection dates, time to inspect the material.
  • You do not have any kind of warranty.

Forgot your password?

  • Click on "login".
  • In this window, click on "password forgotten".
  • You will access a window where you can communicate your Email adress. This approach enables to sent you a new password by email.

Can I change my adress and cordinates?

  • Indeed, you can.
  • Once logged in you can click the top on your right of "Profile".
  • Then you go into a window where you entered your data then you've created. You can change them as you want.
  • Attention! Your login details are your invoice details. Once made an offer on a lot, they can't be changed.

Can I change receiving emails?

  • Indeed, you can.
  • If you wish no longer to be kept informed of the lots that interest you, or you want a change to your interest in mails, after you have logged in, click on profile. Then you go into a window where you can change your interests emails or cancel it completely.

Where do you find the Sales conditions?

  • Right down the site you will find one line "Sales Conditions", (General and special). The general part are the same across all sites and main site, the specific termes you will find by each sub-site. Therefore always consult the specific termes, if you want to bid on lots of other sub-sites.
  • By clicking this will open a window where you can consult the full terms and conditions.

How does the collection of the lots works?

  • When picking up the purchased lots, you should be in possession of the attribution document sent to you. Make sure the payment is done. You have to collect at the indicated time and the designated collection address.
  • If all documents are OK, one of the members of staff will guide you to the lot(s), that you have to disassemble and load completely on your own responsibility.
  • Our staff will not help here. Make sure you bring enough tools and equipment.
  • We have no tools and equipment available.

How do I pay?

  • On the attribution document that you have to downloaded, you can read what amount you must pay and on which bankaccount you must pay.
  • These payments must be made ​​and received on our accoutns within 2 days.

How will I know I won one or more lots?

  • When one or more lots are assigned to you, automatically it will mailed to you that there are lots assigned.
  • The assignments can be found on the website, after you logged in "behind the tab" Documents ".
  • In this list you will find the attribution document sent to you in "PDF" format. You can download and print this document.

What means "automatic attribution"?

  • "Automatic attribution" means that after the expiry of the bids the lot automatically is awarded to the highest bidder.

What does "attribution unther the reservation of approval" means?

  • "Attribution unther the reservation of approval" means that after the expiry of the bids the highest bid is passed to the client. He should give its approval to sell to the highest bid. This may take several days to complete.

When does the bidding on a lot ends?

  • Each lot has a closing date and hour.
  • At the shut-off moment, however, the 5 minutes rule applies. What does this mean?
  • The "5 minutes" rule: This rule means that if, during the period of 5 minutes before the closing of a lot a higher bid is made, the closing of that lot will be automatically extended with 5 minutes. This gives everyone time to give eventually a higher bid thinking. The "5 minute rule" remain valid whenever this (possibly extended) past 5 minutes bids are made. If at some point in the last 5 minutes is indicated that no more bids are done, the bidding on that lot will close automatically.

Can I inspect the lots on different days as mentionned?

  • However, this is not possible.
  • You only can visit the lots as mentionned in "Contact Us" or "special auction conditions".
  • The lots located on different locations you can only view at the times indicated in the auction.

How can I follow a lot without making an offer?

  • When you click on a lot, a button "Lot follow" will appear. If you click that button, the lot will appear in the tab "watchlist".
  • If you follow this tab "watchlist" button you will see all the lots that you want to follow, without making an offer.
  • With the button "stop following" You can remove them again from this list.

Am I the highest bidder or outbid?

  • Once you have made an offer on a lot, on this lot will appear an icon with a green checkmark or a red arrow on it.
  • A green check mark means you are still the highest bidder.
  • A red arrow means you already are outbid. You can always bring a higher bid if you wish.

How can I follow my offers?

  • Once you have made an offer one or more lots, click on the Tab "Made offers". On this tab a appears a digit. This figure indicates the number of lots to which You made an offer. After clicking, this tab will bring you to a page where all lots will appear where you made an offer on.

Can I undo my bid?

  • Once you have bid your bid you can not be made undone. A bid is unconditional, irrevocable and unconditionally placed